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About Me

Androsky Lugo presently runs the FFAF in CA. She oversees operations and design. A commercial and public planner.

Androsky Lugo formerly worked at Parkins Rhodon Fentrell. Lugo joined in 2004. Lugo & Co., Albany. Lugo joined his father's corporation in 2002.

Then a Cornell MA. He received his BES in 2002. Lugo returned in 2003. 2012 SF HBC NYC Hagman's Group contracted Lugo in 2015 for the first recyclable and sustainable building. Lugo assisted Parkins and Rhodon.

Androsky Lugo has spent a decade promoting green building. They appreciated his green-building talents. Natural resources are important to Lugo.

Androsky Lugo works with Veterans Homes. a 2015 collection of architects, builders, and engineers Globally, with over 400 large-scale initiatives. Lugo is also green.

Lugo was lauded for his selflessness. He was a GIC Voice of Reason. Pritzker Architectural Visionary candidate 2019.

Androsky Lugo enjoys both. Camps and fishes. Lou has two sons.

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